Starting Your Blog – How to Make Money Blogging

Users Should Follow this Guide Step by Step and Completely Finish each Step before Moving on to the Next! This is not a guide on how to start a blog for free, but it is relatively inexpensive to start a blog by following these steps.

First step will be getting your own Domain name

You need to buy your own domain name, which is what we call a URL (Which means Uniform Resource Locator), and is ultimately what we call our “Website Name”, or web address.

Blue Host is perfect for web hosting and it comes with a free domain, a site builder, and a one-click WordPress installation. You should also read step two before making any decisions; Blue Host will give you a free domain name when you are purchasing a hosting account.

A few tips when you are deciding what your domain name should be:

  • What are you going to focus on through your blog. Is it going to be about shoes, hotels, sports reviews?
  • What are people who you want to attract searching for? Those keywords should probably be in your domain name and content.

Second step will be signing up for a hosting account with a control panel

You can get hosting and a domain at the same time and usually there will be discounts and you can either find these through your hosting company or online by searching “promo codes [insert company name here]”.

You will want to use a web hosting company that allows you full access through a control panel and will let you install WordPress, which is a fantastic content management system that I will speak more on in a bit.

Third Step is to install WordPress on your hosting account.

You can typically do this by logging in to your hosting account and selecting manage for your hosting account on your products page.

Most web hosting companies include a control panel that you can use.

Once you are in the control panel you will want to create an add-on domain so that you can enable your domain name to work in your hosting account. After you enable the domain you would like to use as an add-on domain to your hosting account will want to use your control panel and search for the Web Applications and locate this image.

start your own blog make money online

Which Theme Should You Use for Your WordPress Blog?

Themes are a very important part of your WordPress blog. WordPress will usually come loaded with a free theme and you could literally just starting posting to your blog as soon as you log into your WordPress dashboard. You should consider what sort of functionality you want from your blog while choosing a theme because they have many different purposes. Some themes are meant to be highly responsive and will not take long to load and also help search engines like google browse your information faster. Some themes are designed with mobility in mind so that they will look better on mobile devices.

For our purposes we will want to choose a highly responsive theme. We don’t want to get too fancy, because too much stuff going on our blog will slow us down and that will hurt us in the long run.

Genesis is a very powerful parent theme that can be installed with child themes that will change the overall appearance. Genesis is a framework that is highly responsive and built for search engine optimization. Child themes are easy to find for the Genesis framework and the add many options to customize your website. Genesis can also be very difficult to use without experience in editing code unless you find the right plug-ins.

Which Plug-Ins Should You Chose for Your WordPress Blog?

Design Palette Pro for Genesis

Design Palette Pro is a plug-in for the Genesis Framework and its child themes. With Design Palette Pro you can change your design very easily. You can change colors and fonts without having to edit code. Generally you can edit your code using your style.css file, but if you are not experienced you should leave that to the professionals. It also makes it easier for professionals.

Setting up Your Blog – What Should My Blog Look Like?

You should start your blog small and not get too crazy with the design. There will be lots of time to make your blog look and function better, but first you need to start your blog by creating valuable content.

Choose My Niche – What Should My Blog be About?

While a lot of people focus choosing a niche, sometimes it is not necessary if you have enough valuable content that readers are interested in reading. People like to be entertained while reading a blog, so humor, stories, and interesting details can help you establish a following for your articles.

There are a lot of great questions you should be asking yourself right now:

  • What would you benefit from that you see a need for on the internet?
  • What do you love to talk about or have enough experience in to call yourself an authority?


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Michael McKay is a computer and internet engineer with a degree in Web Development and Design. Michael likes to help people learn their way around computers and the World Wide Web.

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