How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Building Your Shopify Store

e-Commerce is in and brick and mortar stores are going out of business. Now is the best time to get into the world of e-Commerce and take advantage of the billions of people using the internet to do most of their shopping these days. There is a lot of work involved in starting your own business, but as long as you have a plan and accomplish small tasks everyday, your business will grow and then after you have put in the effort, you will see some massive growth.

There are a few different choices when it comes to setting up your e-Commerce store. The first one is much simpler, but costs more money to maintain, because most things are done automatically, while many others can be programed to be semi-automatic. The first choice is Shopify, but another is using WordPress and Woo Commerce with the AliDropship Plug-in. Using WordPress also means that you will have to buy a domain name and pay for web-hosting through a third party and usually this entails more technological experience, but it is still a lot easier than coding an entire website by yourself. In the next few sections, I will show you how to do either, just remember that doing it the less automated and less expensive way will really be trading your own time for money, and that is what we are all trying to avoid. So in my honest opinion, I would use Shopify and start small and then scale once you have built your store and you know what you are doing.


You can start your free Shopify trial while you build your store, but you will need the basic package once you launch and want to start selling products. Until you purchase a plan, your store will be password protected and you can only unlock that option once you pick a plan, but your free trial will continue. Although this can be a way around temporarily purchasing a plan, I wouldn’t recommend pouring a bunch of time into something unless you are really building a store, so make sure you are ready to launch before you choose your plan, or at least positive that you will continue to build this store.



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The Best Apps for Your Store

Search Engine Shopping –

Bing Shopping – send products to Bing shopping – upload product feed

Google shopping feed – sends products to Google Shopping Channel –kinks are being worked out as Google transitions

Facebook Product Feed – by Flexify – connects your Shopify product catalogue to your Facebook ad account – you can also show people ads for what they just saw on your store, directly on their Facebook feed.

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