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Businesses who are looking for more leads that are targeted for their specific audience – look no further – you are here!

Our advertising agency is helping people reach their ideal audiences for fractions of the cost and reaching exponential growth… and it all starts with a free consultation, set up, and half off your first month to retain our services if you are truly interested. For the first month, you will not pay until you have seen results, which will be typically around the middle of the month, then the months after will require an upfront retainer for our fees.

What Facebook Ads Can Do, That Others CANNOT!​

In many major cities, advertising on billboards can cost you upwards of 30k per month, that is insane! Thirty Thousand dollars for randomly targeted ad dollars is a waste of time and money. People are wasting too much of their marketing dollars advertising to the masses, and only one out of a thousand thinks to call, and by that time they have already passed by or flipped through your advertisement and forgot your number. Targeting large masses of people in large cities can be somewhat lucrative, but you are also advertising to an insane amount of people who aren’t in the market for your services.

With Facebook ads and my services, you will laser target only people who are looking for services in your area and interested. There is also no way for you to see who is interested unless they contact you. With my services, you will gather all of the contact information from interested clients and be able to follow up with them. This is a whole lot better than someone driving by and thinking maybe I should call them, and you would never know who they are, and they might actually never call you.

Statistics will show that only small percentages of people use newspapers, or radio ads, and now even television ads to determine where they will go to make their life or purchasing decisions. Everyone uses the internet for their purchases and research.

Nowadays the average American spends 40 minutes an day on Facebook. That is 340 million people, using Facebook for almost an hour a day. Personally, I don’t have cable television and commercials on the radio are so annoying that I turn off my car stereo in between songs. Everyone is on Facebook, and I only target people who have similar interests in my ads, the perfect customer or client.

What I can do for your company

Running ad campaigns on Facebook is a complicated science that involves many factors including intense targeting, audience research, split-testing, content marketing strategies, and much more. I am a rock star in all of the areas of digital marketing.

Starting with highly converting ad copy, and narrowing your target audience to only people who are really looking for your services. I will design and market your business or product to achieve the results every company is looking for.

I currently run ads for real estate, medical and dental practices, martial art studios, gyms, and construction companies.

Reasons to acquire my expert services

Everyone is still using radio, newspaper, billboards and many outdated forms of advertisements. Facebook ads allow specific targeting to focus only on people looking for your services. Facebook has over 2 billion users world wide with a very high percentage of those users spending a significant amount of time on Facebook each and every day.

My expert services will target your ideal clients in the places they will be looking everyday.

What is included in the initial set-up:

  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Professional Sales Funnel: Landing Page for lead capture and sales page
  • Multiple ad creation and split testing to determine the best results
  • Initial ad spend prior to connecting a business manager account of your own

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